The PE connection

Coach Sipe attended the training and has already posted a reminder for students as they leave the gym. Check out the reminder (with our superhero Superflex, of course 🙂 

 I mentioned Coach Sipe’s idea to the assistant principal at dismissal, and he thought a similar reminder could be posted on the side doors students use to leave for the buses. I could not think of a better time in the school day to be reminded to be a “thinking about others” kid!

positive feedback

The feedback from our first training has been nothing but positive! Ginny and I are beyond excited. Here are a few of the great things that are already happening at Perry Harrison:

1) Teach Social First will have a bulletin board to use the entire school year! Ginny and I are already brainstorming ways to show off student work samples throughout the school year. The first area will display the Summer Superflex Challenge Homework. A big thanks to Ginny for getting this started on one of the last teacher workdays 🙂

2) There will be a PBIS connection this school year. For now, the PBIS lingo is being connected with Teach Social First language. A good first step.

We are targeting 1st and 2nd grade classrooms this year, but some specials, EC, and even assistant teachers have already asked how they can use Teach Social First language with students. Ginny and I are now charged with creating vocabulary sheets for these folks as the new school year starts. We are both eager to have this extra work to do!

The bottom line: faculty and staff are interested in what we want to do. That is more than half the battle when introducing a new way of thinking.

a great first training!

Our first training today went better than we could have ever expected!

Here is the Teach Social First bucket that was used for teacher names to raffle off some Superflex posters.

Superflex himself along with some of the Unthinkables.

Kristan and Ginny after it was over…we were a lot more relaxed at this point 🙂

Looking forward to getting started once school starts!

getting started

Ginny and I worked all day today getting ready for our first workshop presentation at Perry Harrison on Friday. It was great to finally get together and talk/brainstorm without other distractions. We are super excited about our presentation on Friday and want to present our best ideas and plans for how to implement Teach Social First. Wish us luck!