what a nice surprise

I came home to a nice surprise yesterday afternoon. Ginny had been by the house and dropped off presents. I was so focused on the kids begging to open their gifts that I did not even know there was also a present for me. (I realized this while on the phone with Ginny after the kids called to say thank you for their gifts).

Check out my present – a butterfly wall hanging!

What a meaningful gift when I think back to last summer’s planning for Teach Social First. We really wanted there to be a butterfly in our website visual and had some help from Ginny’s daughter to make that happen.

I truly believe the words that are on our website homepage: Everything we say and do affects the thoughts and feelings of others. Just as a butterfly’s wings create tiny changes in the air around us becoming a part of a bigger wind pattern, our words and actions, no matter how small, have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

I will think of Ginny and our journey this year each time I look at my sweet butterfly that now hangs above my desk in my home office. Meaningful gifts really are the best!