it is official!

Ginny and I are writing a book for Think Social Publishing (final contract revisions completed today!) To say we are excited would be a gross understatement 🙂


The best part of the contract is that it allows for future Teach Social First related products (think children’s books, toys and games, jewelery, computer apps). So, it looks like this collaborative relationship is going to be a long one!

Kristan (still on cloud nine)

Superflex celebrations

The Superflex celebrations began today! We are showing the movie Horton Hears A Who! as a part of the celebration. Why, you might ask? Horton the elephant hears a cry of help coming from a speck of dust. Even though he can’t see anyone on the speck, he decides to help it. As it turns out, the speck of dust is home to the Whos, who live in their city of Whoville. Here is our class visual for the celebration. What a great message to leave with the students!


We provided snacks and drinks for the movie. The students were so excited for their celebration. Check it out –


We did learn a valuable lesson related to technology. You can stream movies to multiple classrooms from one central location (our original idea was to have all 3rd classes come to the multipurpose room for the movie). Live and learn.

It was so much fun to pass out final special rewards for home challenges completed and say thanks to all the students and teachers for an amazing experience!