Ginny and I provided the new teachers with an overview of our program last week. We were both disappointed by the low turn out from teachers and administrators, but something good did come from our presentation! One of the 3rd grade teachers asked if there was an Unthinkable who talked constantly, not interrupting while the teacher is talking, just chats a lot instead of doing work. (I am sure many teachers described me as this kind of student….hahaha). As a result, Chatterbox was created.


Your mouth is kind of like a box. When Chatterbox is around, he opens your box and you start talking to your friends during class. Pretty soon, Chatterbox starts multiplying and opens more boxes, so that more and more friends begin to talk during class. Meanwhile, the teacher cannot teach and others in your group cannot learn. It will not take long for Brain Eater and Body Snatcher to enter the group.

To defeat Chatterbox, remember that being part of a group means that your eyes, ears, body, brain, hands AND MOUTH all have to be working together to stay in the group.

We went into the classroom during math time yesterday, and I started chatting away with some students at different tables, turning over their math work, saying it was more fun to chat about what they did over the weekend vs doing math. Ginny came in with a message from Superflex – we need to help them defeat Chatterbox! The students loved it and were quick with who else might mess with them if they were chatting (Brain Eater and Body Snatcher). We also reminded students that if they “kept their boxes closed” it would be an easy way to move up the behavior color chart. We also talked about when it would be appropriate to chat with friends. 3rd grade is a big change for students in terms of what is expected of them academically, so we did want them to know that chatting is not always bad.

And, we asked the question we always asked during our lessons last year, and I am happy with the quick response of no….if Chatterbox is messing with you, does that mean you are a bad person?

We are going to let other teachers know about our new Unthinkable in case he is in other classrooms as well. I am guessing he is 🙂