home challenges: lessons from students and teachers

With lesson 6 we introduce Collider – the Unthinkable that makes kids interrupt. As we were talking about the home challenge for the lesson, a student gave us some really good feedback to make it better. Our plan was for students to put the steps to defeat Collider in order:



The student asked if he could cut out the steps and put them in order. Duh! A much better idea. Students interacting with the strategy. Geez, why didn’t Ginny and I think of that?

Now for lessons from a teacher: The class that we visit on Fridays has  had the lowest #s of home challenges returned. The teacher said that she sends home all homework for the week on Mondays, and when she said that I put it all together.  As a mom, I relish Fridays – no HW days! Sometimes (gasp) I do not even check my kids’ school folders on Fridays. So, it is not surprising that home challenges that go home on this day are not the highest priority.

Now for the new plan:  Send home the challenge (and super important parent handout) on Mondays with the weekly work packet. Will we get more home challenges returned? Check back and see.