Lesson 2

Wow, a great second lesson. We talked about their goals with exercise and pledge goals for Girl Rising. I shared my daughter’s pledge sheet and told the girls that she has decided to give her allowance to Girl Rising. Talk about a proud moment.


I overheard other girls talking about donating their allowance as well during the running part of our lesson and how it was more important to give to Girl Rising vs buying cheap toys. Woo hoo!

Today’s topic was about being a “thinking girl.” Thinking girls “think it through” before reacting/responding/making a choice. Such an important skill for young girls to learn, especially in this age of technology when people can react/respond so fast.


The girls ran to a cone and back 10 times. The result: Girls TALK (heart) written on their arms. They were so motivated!

DSC_5102  DSC_5116

First lesson

Our first lesson went better than I could have ever anticipated! The girls were really excited about setting goals, helping out with a girl-related community, and learning ways to be healthy.

I showed a clip of the Girl Rising video trailer so that the girls would understand what we were raising money for. I opted to start the video clip at 1:08 so that all they saw was the positive message, since we do have some younger girls in the group. Here they are watching it. Not a sound could be heard during the trailer.


We started building the Girls TALK visual today. With each lesson, a student is chosen to add a letter so that by the end of our program we will have spelled Girls TALK (heart).


Then it was outside for exercise. Today’s exercise: partner running. This can be tricky because the girls have to run at the same pace as their partner, which means they have to work together to get the same pace. I love the smiles on all of their faces 🙂




I had to get a token group shot. After all, this is the first group of Girls TALK girls 🙂


And, last but not least. The Girls TALK chant. We will do it at the end of each lesson. My daughter (who helped come up with it) taught it to the girls. That makes me a proud mom 🙂


We have a location

After a lot of waiting and brainstorming, I finally found a place for our after school program! We will be using the loft area in the Briar Chapel Clubhouse. Check it out –


Visualize the boxes being gone, and I think we can get 15 girls in this area comfortably!

I am planning to start Sept 18th, so visit the program website for the registration form. There is already a good list of girls whose parents have indicated they are interested, so I am sure we will fill up quickly.

Feels good to really be getting started!