new location!

Thanks to a mom at Willow Oak Montessori, we have a new location for our spring sessions!


Abundant by Nature Wellness Center.

There is an indoor and outdoor space we can use, which is great because we are planning on offering 2 spring sessions. The center plans on offering yoga classes for kids, and we are hoping one of the classes will be after our lessons so that girls can stick around for an extra 30 mins for yoga.

So, starting January 6th this will be our new home!


Lesson 6

Today we talked about making good school and play choices. The book reading was about a girl who lies about homework and the consequences of lying. We did also talk about the “white lie.” One of the girls gave this example of a white lie – if you go to someone’s place for dinner and do not like the food, you should say you like it This whole social thing can be complicated!

With play choices, one of the girls brought up a situation she has been struggling with: she has 2 friends, one does not like the other and has put her in the middle of this conflict. We tried to brainstorm, but the girl has done so much on her own to try and address the conflict (go Girls TALK!) and we suggested that she ask the school counselor to help mediate. This is a very common problem with girls, and what I wanted Girls TALK girls to know is that it is ok to say to your friend that they are making you feel uncomfortable and ask for an adult’s help.

Now for this week’s exercise: jump rope games. Girls can do the jump rope challenge (how long can you jump) or play one of the jump rope games we practiced today.

Here are some jump rope pics – Enjoy!


Lesson 5

Today we talked about how to solve problems. The girls learned a strategy to help them with problem-solving:

Think about the situation
Ask about the problem
Listen to what your friend is saying
Keep a friend solution

Basically, the goal when solving a problem is to chose a solution that allows you to keep your friend. This means you may not get exactly what you want with the solution, but keeping your friend should be what is most important.

The girls made TALK reminders to keep. Some made bracelets while others made key rings for book bags. I put superglue on the knots to keep them tied (I learned the first time we made the reminders at PHS that the knots did not hold well).

Spider tag is the exercise to practice this week. One spider is “it” and when she tags friends, they become a part of her web on the ground.

Here are some pics from today’s lesson – enjoy!


I got to be Piggie (who has a big reaction to a small problem).


TALK reminders.




Lesson 4

Today we talked about what to do when you are worried or upset. I think so many girls get stuck with worry or anger and do not know what to do about it. I am happy that they learned a strategy for how to deal with worries or anger!

Our book reading was Wemberly Worried.

Today’s exercise was yoga.

DSC_5364 DSC_5365

the balance pose


this girl can stretch!


downward facing dog


child’s pose

Lesson 3

Today we talked about the importance of being a friend. It was actually hard for the girls to articulate what that really means. We say it all the time, but to put what it means into words is a little more challenging.

The book reading was Crazy Hair Day by, Barney Saltzberg. It is about a boy named Stanley who goes to school with crazy hair on Crazy Hair Day. But when he gets to school, he learns that crazy hair day is in fact next Friday. To make it worse, it is school picture day. His classmates initially make fun of him, but end up rallying around him. We felt like this was a good example of what it means to be a friend!

For our exercise, we played friend tag. The girls know it as “the glob” from school, but I think friend tag sounds so much better 🙂

One girl mentioned during our group discussion that she is donating $25 of her own allowance to our Girl Rising pledge. Woo hoo!