Lesson 3

This week the girls learned what to do when they are upset or worried. The book reading was Sheila Rae, The Brave. Here is the book cover and then a pic of my interpretation of Sheila. How did I do? (Note: finding a purple dress was *not* easy!)



Samantha played the part of Sheila Rae’s younger sister Louise. She did fabulous!

Girls learned the strategy SAIL to help them calm down when they are upset or worried. It is hard to come with a plan for what to do when you are upset or worried while you are upset, so calming down first is critical.

Stop a

And take a deep breath

In (1, 2, 3)

Let it out (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

I stressed the importance of breathing in through your nose and letting it out through your mouth slowly.

The exercise for the lesson was yoga.



When I asked why the girls thought we would introduce yoga in this lesson, one girl chimed in with “it is too cold to do anything outside.” Hahaha. That was true, but someone else quickly added that yoga can be a calming activity. Next week we will be talking about how to be a good friend. Check back soon!

learning to “think it through”

Learning to “think it through” was the focus of yesterday’s lesson. This is an important skill for the girls to learn since everything we say and do affects the thoughts and feelings of others. The exercise introduced was running. Each lap earned the girls a letter to spell Girls TALK (heart). As you can see by our pictures, we had a lot of girls who ran more than 10 laps!

DSC_7551   DSC_7570 DSC_7577 DSC_7586 DSC_7592 DSC_7597 DSC_7600 DSC_7603

spring session one started today!

The girls loved our new location for the first spring session.


The book reading was about Brontorina, a dinosaur that wanted to be a ballerina.

Remember, one of the goals is to teach girls to set and meet goals? Our community service project this spring will be Chatham Together.


It is a local organization that raises money for Chatham Co youth to have meaningful afterschool activities when otherwise they would not.

Our exercise this week is partner racing.

DSC_7544 DSC_7541

Good times for sure!