Lesson 6

Yesterday we talked about how to deal with bullying. I was really impressed with the insights from the girls. One asked a very important question – what if you try to deal with it yourself and that does not work, and you go to an adult for help and they blow you off? I heard a 3rd grade teacher once say to a girl that came to her with a bullying problem say “don’t come to me with that girl drama.” Then what is a girl to do? A real question, and a real problem.  I brainstormed with the girls about some other strategies if this happened:

1) go to another trusted adult at school (counselor or familiar teacher)

2) go to their parents,who will always stick up for them in a bullying situation

I stressed that bullying is *never* ok and that not going to someone for help will only lead to more bullying. We also talked about the importance of staying true to yourself, and if you are bullied for something related to being true to who you are, ignoring and being proud of who you are is the best strategy. These are complex issues, sadly mostly for girls to deal with.

The book reading was The Recess Queen by, Alexis O’Neill. I was Mean Jean.


The exercise was kick boxing. The girls LOVED practicing the moves!

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Lesson 5

First I have to share what one of the 5th graders said in the carpool on the way to our lesson. She asked when girls age-out of Girls TALK. I explained that I was really not sure, we were still figuring things out but she was welcome to participate as long as she wanted to. Her response: “Yeah! I want to do Girls TALK for the rest of my life!” Folks that is what makes it worth it 🙂

Yesterday’s lesson was about how to solve problems. We use the acronym TALK –
Think it through
Ask about the problem
Listen to what your friend is saying
Keep a friend solution

I started the lesson by reading the book Sometimes I am Bombaloo by, Rachel Vail. The story is about a girl named Katie Honors. She has a problem and instead of solving her problem, she turns into Bombaloo (get it, explode like a bomb?).

The exercise was jumping rope and the girls had a blast. Check out some pics from our fun lesson 5!


Lesson 4

We were not able to meet last week because schools were closed for a snow day (one whole inch of snow….only in North Carolina. right?) We were able to meet yesterday and talked about how to be a good friend. I had the girls define the term friend (a person you like to spend time with), what it means to be a friend (to help or support someone), and why being a friend is important (to take care of others around us and make our community a better place).

The book reading was Crazy Hair Day by, Barney Saltzberg. I had the honor of being Stanley who came to school thinking it was crazy hair day when it was actually school picture day….oops!

The girls were able to give some good examples from home and school about when they did a good job remembering to “think it through” and some times that they should have “thought it through” before speaking or acting. Awareness is the first step in changing behavior, right?

The exercise was Friend Tag. We tried to do it indoors because it was muddy outside, but ended up doing a modified outdoor Friend Tag with only a little bit of muddiness 🙂


And, some other cool news….our spring t-shirts came in the mail! Check them out.