Lesson two: learning to “think it through”

Our water bottles from Cafe Press arrived!


The book reading was Me First by, Helen Lester. Pinkerton did not “think it through” and only thought of himself…with some consequences.

The exercise for this week – running! The girls earned letters and symbols on their arms (or note cards) with each lap.


And, I am proud to report that the girls brought in 31 canned goods for the Take and Eat Pantry. Woo hoo!



Lesson one (spring session two)

First of all, I am proud to report that we FILLED the second spring semester! 15 girls are participating this time around. It seems like word is getting out about the program….woo hoo!

We talked about being a part of a community, and the importance of taking care of members of our community. Our community service project this session will be the Take and Eat Pantry. Here is a link to the organization’s website – http://www.takeandeatfoodpantry.org/

Girls will set a goal of bringing in one canned food item for each lesson. All cans will be donated to the Take and Eat Pantry. The director came to talk to the girls at the lesson today. I think I was more shocked than they were to hear that over 4000 children in the NE Chatham Co area do not have enough food to eat. The director also asked how many girls have a snack after school, dinner, etc. And how would they feel if they did not have a snack and dinner (difficulty falling asleep, getting a good night’s sleep, grumpy at school the next day).


The book reading was Giraffes Can’t Dance. The goal of this book reading was to stress the importance of setting a goal and finding a way to reach the goal even when it does not seem like you can reach it. Some of the girls helped out with the book reading. Check it out –

The rhinos rock n’ rolled.


The lions danced a tango.


The chimps did a cha cha cha.


The baboons did a Scottish reel.

Until a little cricket explained that if you are different, all you need is a different song.


Lastly, because of our gloomy weather we did an animal relay race inside. Girls had to act as a specific animal and race with a partner. The goal – working together (in our community) and be creative. Think: pigs, crabs, elephants, snakes, spiders, giraffes, and monkeys. Fun times for sure!

DSC_9502  DSC_9520


spring community service project

We tried raising money for a local community service organization for our spring session one. We did not have nearly the amount of donations that we did for our fall program when Girl Rising was our community service focus. After some brainstorming, here is a theory –

There are a lot of girls that are continuing in the program, and maybe their families are feeling the financial pull of having to continue to help the girls raise money. I know how I feel when I have to ask friends and families for Cub Scouts popcorn money.

So, it is time to shift gears and instead of asking girls to help raise money I am going to ask them to bring in canned goods for each lesson. The community service focus: The Take and Eat Pantry that serves Chatham Co. I want to keep our community service focus local to our community, and I am thinking that bringing in one canned good item each lesson might be more doable for the girls and their families.
I am not giving up on the idea of setting and meeting goals, but just rethinking the process of how we get there!

I am proud to report that the director of the Take and Eat Pantry is coming to speak at our first lesson of spring session two! I hope that hearing about families in need of food will prompt the girls and families to donate canned goods.

Fingers crossed!

Final celebration – spring session one

It is hard to believe that our first spring session ended yesterday. Before I dive in with planning for spring session two, I wanted to take a minute to share some thoughts and pics from the celebration!

The focus of the lesson was learning to like yourself. Girls often have a harder time finding the good in themselves. They can be quick to encourage and support others, but doing the same for themselves can be more difficult. All the more reason to talk about it, right?

The book reading was Zero by, Kathryn Otoshi. Zero did not like himself. He thought all the other numbers were special, and he was empty inside. With encouragement from others he learned that he was special.



One of the activities was for girls to write a few things they like about themselves….just another reminder 🙂


Then it was time to celebrate!

DSC_9074  DSC_9085 DSC_9088 DSC_9096 DSC_9101


Woods Charter school is hosting an assembly to promote the summer camps. Unfortunately it is when we will be in Guatemala. I immediately started brainstorming how we could promote our camp, and a video came to mind. The head of the lower school at CFS showed a video picture collage set to music at the parent night in the fall, so I emailed her for advice and set to work making a Girls TALK promo video. Here is what I put together….like it?


Staying true to yourself

That was the topic of today’s lesson. We had some great discussions, about both being true to your outside self and inside self…wow!

The book reading was Stephanie’s Ponytail. Samantha got to play the part of Stephanie….she LOVES it when she gets to be a part of the book readings 🙂


End of lesson chant….

I can do it. You can do it.

We can think it through.



It is hard to believe that next week is the last meeting of our spring session 1. But….I did hear from the girls today that it is *technically* not spring yet, so maybe we need to change the names of our programs to fall, winter, spring, summer.

Fun times have been had by all. I do love hanging out with these wonderful girls!