getting ready for the fall!

So, there will be year round programs at Willow Oak Montessori and Glenwood Elementary this school year. I really like the idea of a year round program, especially since last year most of the girls that signed up for the fall program at WOM continued throughout the school year. We are full at WOM and have met minimum enrollment at Glenwood.

I am also talking with Woods Charter School about an after school program and the new charter school (The Expedition School) about an enrichment club. To think that last year at this time we had 9 girls at the Briar Chapel Clubhouse, we have definitely come a long way in just a year!

We start the second week of September so be sure to check back for updates (and of course, lots of pics!)


Camp day five

Today was the last day of our Woods summer camp. Not sure who had more fun….the girls or the grown ups 🙂

I am proud to report that the girls donated 171 canned goods in just 4 days!


We talked about bullying and the importance of staying true to yourself. We defined bullying with the acronym MOO – Mean, Over and over, On purpose. The book reading was Wings and Samantha played the role of Ikarus Jackson. She did great 🙂

IMG_8273 IMG_8274

We did a really cool art activity called Alien names. You write your name as a reflection and then make it into an alien. The girls loved it! Oh, and we listened to some cool girl music while being artists.

IMG_8275 IMG_8276


IMG_8277 IMG_8278 IMG_8279

Our final exercise was kickboxing. We were *sure* to stress that we did not mean for girls to kickbox a bully, but that kickboxing can be a great way to relieve stress.

DSC_6390 DSC_6392 DSC_6393 DSC_6395 DSC_6401 DSC_6402

Camp day four

The girls donated 33 canned goods to the Take And Eat Pantry in Chatham Co today. Thanks to Sue Carson for coordinating and doing the drop off!


We talked about the importance of making good school and play choices, as well as good food choices. The girls made a reminder. Also, Ginny made a visual for each girl that has the 5 pt scale, SAIL and TALK reminder.

The girls learned the Bim Bum Game which was loads of fun. Here is a link if the girls want to keep practicing. Be forewarned….the song *will* get stuck in your head!


I did want to also add that in our discussion about making good school and play choices, we had some very honest discussions about cliques and the concept of excluding girls in general. I am glad we had to the time to devote to this super important issue with young girls.

The banana game was also a hit!

DSC_6357 DSC_6359 DSC_6360 DSC_6363

Fun times for sure! Super sad that we only have one more day of camp 😦