Being a part of group: part 2

This week we talked about an important issue when you are a part of a group…. interrupting. We all do it, but it can really get in the way of the group accomplishing a goal. There are actually 2 kinds of interruptions – fair and rude.


  • Occurs near the end of someone’s comments when the listener predicts that the speaker is about to finish talking and wants to jump in to add a thought.
  • Usually is related to what the speaker is talking about.
  • Actually shows that the listener is really “into” what the speaker is saying; they are excited.
  • You should not challenge a fair interruption or get upset, but rather “go with the flow.”

Now this does not mean that fair interruptions are ok. But rude interruptions are very different.


  • Occurs when a person starts to talk before the speaker has had a chance to finish his idea.
  • Happens when the person accidently starts talking at the same time as someone else and keeps talking over the other person.
  • Occurs when a person hears most of what the speaker says but completely “ignores” the speaker’s idea and goes on to state his idea.
  • The person does not really seem to care what the speaker is talking about.

My favorite example of rude interruptions is the classic no one needs mom until the telephone rings 🙂

The book reading was Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein. It is one of my favorite books.

Our way of being active this week? Hula hoop games. Super fun! Check out some super cute pics from our fun!

DSC_7734 DSC_7783 DSC_7789 DSC_7796 DSC_7797

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