Wrapping up the month

The lessons for this week were a review of what to do when you are in a group.

First – do what is expected because that makes people in the group feel comfortable.

Next – do not interrupt (fair or rude). Wait for your turn to talk and share the talk time in a group.

The last thing I wanted to touch on regarding what to do when you are in a group involves playing games and competition. That was the focus this week, along with a final review.

I demonstrated how to be a bad sport playing the game Candy Land. I love this role play. I really am a bad sport and in the end quit the game because I am losing. This led to a discussion about what it means to be a good sport. And, the most important thing when you are playing a game is not winning, but having fun.

The book reading was Me First by Helen Lester. Pinkerton always has to be first, and when he asks to be first for a “sandwich” he mistakenly gets himself into a situation to care for a sand witch. Samantha had the honor of being the sand witch at Willow Oak….she loves helping out with the book readings đŸ™‚

More hula hoop games were requested this week, and I happily obliged.

Our Minute It To Win It Game….noodling. I bet you can figure out how to play from the pictures đŸ˜‰

Oh, how could I forget this part….the girls brought in THIRTY canned food items for TABLE (and we only had 10 girls participate this week because of sicknesses and other activities). Go Girls TALK girls!

IMG_8344 IMG_8349 IMG_8355 IMG_8357 IMG_8360 IMG_8362 IMG_8364

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