problem solving fun

I have been looking and looking for more problem-solving games. It is one thing to talk about how to solve problems, but to have actually solve a problem…now that can be more challenging.

One of my new games (thanks to Google) Line Up was a hit at Endeavor yesterday. Girls are blindfolded and have to work together *without talking* to get in line according to their number.


I have more blindfold games to try out later this week…fun stuff people!


snow and ice :-(

No Girls TALK at all this week 😦

The snow/sleet started Monday afternoon, and in true North Carolina fashion, it is Wed evening and no clear roads. I have tried to use this time to plan, brainstorm, learn how to tweet and be better about social networking. More on this later. For now, check out my favorite Jr Counselor and Ice Princess.


problem solving at Glenwood

We made TALK © reminders at Glenwood Elementary this week as well. Door hangers! Then we headed outside to play my new favorite problem solving game….Egg Drop. Girls have to work together to put straws together to hold an egg. If it holds, they take away a straw one by one trying to keep the egg from dropping. The girls all have to hold onto the straws and TALK about the strategy they want to use and work together to solve the problem….oh, and it is SO MUCH FUN!

DSC_8319 DSC_8320 DSC_8326 DSC_8331 DSC_8343 DSC_8344

more about TALK!

This is time of the year that we get serious about being crafty at Girls TALK! The goal is to make reminders of what TALK © stands for:

Think it through
Ask your friend about the problem
Listen to what your friend is thinking
Keep a friend solution

We read the book Mr Duck Means Business and then headed outside to make TALK tote bag reminders.

Note: for those that have been a part of Girls TALK for a while….we have made necklaces, bookbag hooks, bracelets, door knob hangers….I could go on. I found these handy totes at Wal Mart and add in some puff paint (neon colors of course!) and BAM we have our next TALK reminder. I did take home the totes for them to dry since the puff paint is permanent.

I was super proud of the problem solving with this activity. I purposefully brought 6 pink and 6 purple totes. How do we solve this problem? The girls had great ideas and all were happy with their selections. Problem solving in action! Here are some pics….

DSC_8300 DSC_8306 DSC_8308 DSC_8309 DSC_8311 DSC_8313 DSC_8316

Endeavor Lesson 4

Yesterday we talked about what to do when you are sad. I hope the take away message was that it often helps to talk to someone when you are sad (vs just staying sad and not doing anything about it). The book reading was The Pout Pout Fish…he is a sad and grumpy fish and thinks there is nothing he can do about it until a silver fish comes along and helps him change the way he feels.

The girls made Fortune Tellers and we played the game “Big Shoes.” As always, tons of smiles and fun!


PS – It was a little embarrassing when the 5th graders said they did not need any instructions for how to make fortune tellers…..old lady Kristan needed the instructions 😉

Finally…what does TALK stand for?

We spent the first part of our lesson today watching the #likeagirl video and then talking about what it means to do things “like a girl.” I feel like this is a really powerful message for them to hear and understand.

Here is one of our girls talking about what it means to her to do things “like a girl.”

Last month’s focus was on solving problems that you have alone. This month we will focus on solving problems you have with friends. The girls learned what TALK stands for:

Think it through
Ask your friend about the problem
Listen to what your friend is thinking
Keep a friend solution

We did some relay racing, as well as a book reading My New Friend Is So Much Fun by one of my favorite authors….Mo Willems.

Fun times, as always. Here are some relay racing pics!

IMG_8522 IMG_8525 IMG_8497 IMG_8499 IMG_8504 IMG_8510

Endeavor: lesson 3

Today’s lesson was what it means to be a friend. We say it all the time, but what does it really mean? The book reading was Making Friends Is An Art. I love the message in the book….you have to know how to be a good friend in order to make friends. And you have to start by figuring out how to be your own best friend.

The girls thought of one word that represented what it means to be a friend for our alien art activity. Some examples: nice, friendly, kind. Check out some pics –



Best Super Bowl commercial EVER! I cannot wait to show it again at this week’s Girls TALK lessons. What a great, and super important message for girls to hear. Check it out if you missed it during the game (or just want to watch it again like me).