Making good food choices

This was our last week talking about making good food choices. Topic: added sugar. The girls had to rank 6 different drinks from highest to lowest amounts of added sugar. Worst offender? Coke? Best choices? White milk or water.

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The book reading was Peanut Butter and Cupcake! by Terry Border. Peanut Butter moves to a new town and tries to find a new friend, but everyone he meets does not want to play with him…until he meets Jelly. It was cute to hear the girls answer the repeating line of the book each time. “And we will go together like Peanut Butter and….. _________!”

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Next up, we played the Who Am I? game. Teams ask yes or no questions about a certain food item. The hardest one? Mango. A fruit with a large seed, orange and red.

We will have make up lessons the first two weeks of June, so 2 more weeks of Girls TALK for the school year!



Last Wednesday, I learned around lunchtime that my mom was in the hospital dying. I quickly canceled my lessons for the week and headed out of town. To say this has been a difficult time in my life would be a gross understatement, which is why seeing these smiling faces today was exactly what I needed.


We are continuing our discussion on making good food choices. In doing a review of the Choose My Plate visual, one of the girls in the group who very rarely eats veggies reported that she had carrots in her lunch today. I almost fell out of my chair!

I gave each girl a bracelet to remind them to eat all 5 colors in every meal. For those that need a review, here are the colors and corresponding food groups.

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And, here are the bracelets. I hope they serve as a good reminder to be a healthy eater!




May focus

For the month of May we will be talking about making good food choices. At this week’s lesson we reviewed the resources (the traditional food pyramid is long gone, thank goodness!)

The girls rated what they were eating for snack in terms of being a good choice, and I was impressed with their evaluations. Examples: Sun chips were ok (not bad but not great) as were veggie sticks. Edamame was good, croutons were ok.

We then talked about what they had for lunch that day….were all 5 food groups included? My own daughter was missing protein, some were missing veggies, but most all had dairy, fruit and grains. Only a few girls did not gag when I shared that my favorite veggie was brussel sprouts…haha.

But the goal for this week was to start to think about what we put on our plates. Protein was interesting to discuss at Willow Oak because of the nut free policy, so we included sun butter in this category, although I was not 100% that it was at the time. We also debated whether or not the cucumber was a fruit or veggie…we all know tomatoes are fruits, but the cucumber was new for me.

I tried to get the girls to focus on eating things green (unlike the book character Marlean McKean who did not eat the color green) and be less focused on the category of some foods.

Some fun games with bananas and grapes followed. This should be a fun month!

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