more good scholarship news!

I have been reaching out to local businesses about sponsoring a girl, and I got some positive feedback from the kiddos’ orthodontist about possibly helping out at the start of 2016.

I created a sponsorship page so folks could donate to sponsor a girl for a month or for the entire school year. Click here to get to that page of the program website site.

Imagine my surprise to wake up to a Pay Pal notification that I had a donation to support a girl for one year….from my in laws!

Donate pic 1

I love that they believe in what I am doing and want to support the program. Samantha was over the moon when I shared the news with her this morning. She is already crafting a thank you card.

I am promising to share updates on the girl that receives their scholarship money, without identifying her of course. I think learning some specifics about how the sponsored girl benefited from their donation will be a very personal way for any donor to connect.

Feeling very positive about the upcoming school year…. and just super grateful that people believe in the work I am doing.


new locations for the 2015-2016 school year

Lots up in the air right now. I am learning as I enter year 3 of Girls TALK that this time of year is one of being patient and letting things happen….not my strongest personality quality, but I am working on it 🙂

I know I will have programs at Glenwood Elementary and Willow Oak Montessori. These programs are established and set in stone. I am also happy to report that I will be able to offer 3 scholarships at Glenwood and 2 at Willow Oak!

I had a parent ask me to put together a program at the Briar Chapel Clubhouse. The school bus for the entire (and I mean massive) neighborhood drops off at the clubhouse, so super convenient for families in terms of an after school activity. But I put out feelers last fall and got no takers, so imagine my surprise when this parent posted my flyer on neighborhood listservs Monday night and my phone started dinging like crazy. All to say, I think this time around (maybe because the posts went out before the school year started?) it looks like this program is a GO!

I was asked back at Endeavor Charter School, but the enrichment programs there are hit or miss based on time of year (i.e., I had good turn out in the fall and winter but not spring). The coordinator said that most programs in the spring do not fill because families are in “finish school mode” and not as interested in after school activities. I started in October there last year, so I am not sure what the first round of clubs look like (year round school).

Next up? A friend asked if I would be willing to start up a program at her child’s Montessori school. Interestingly, she has a son but has seen my pics on Facebook and thinks it would be a good fit for the school (she is on the BOD). Flyers going out to parents soon.

By September, I could have programs in 5 locations….simply amazing. Mostly by word of mouth. Never underestimate the power of social media.