what to do when frustrated….and some major laughs!

I laughed so much Tuesday afternoon that my stomach hurt after our lesson at Briar Chapel. We started with an art activity – the second quilt squares for our knot a quilt project. This round? TALK art!


The book reading was Sally Simon Simmons Super Frustrating Day. Julia *really* got into character as Sally. She held her breath to make her face red to make the frustration seem more real 🙂 The conversation following the book reading was super important…. when you are frustrated, you have to calm down before you can work on solving your problem. In the book, Sally’s teacher tells her to “breathe and take it slow.” In Girls TALK, we remember to STAR:

Take a deep breath

Stopping and breathing in the moment can really help you reset and be better able to solve your problem.

Now for the laughs. We played kickball (and will again next week after begging from the giggly girls at the end of our lesson). These young ladies had no idea how to play this old school game. Eliza, as pitcher, dodged kicks with surprise and giggles. Once she was silent laughing on the ground. You know that, right? Laughing so hard there is no noise. Then my faux pas…. trying to get Julia out, I chucked the ball right into Mallory’s stomach. Again more silent laughing on the ground. I hope no one in offices in the clubhouse were watching. If so, I could be reported to authorities.  Still laughing, though.

Check out this pic of my own daughter getting in on the fun at Willow Oak. Loved her determined face!

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.17.30 PM


we’re in!

I found out today that Girls TALK was selected as one of 5 non-profits in Chatham Co to be featured at this year’s Giving Party! You might wonder, what is a giving party? Click here to learn more.


The goal is to have a party where women come together, have drinks and food and donate to selected non profits. This giving party is at the Briar Chapel Clubhouse (conveniently where I run one of my programs this year). This means I will know some of the ladies coming to the party. Oh, and I have invited one of the 5th graders who lives in Briar Chapel to represent us (along with Samantha and Ila, of course) so that potential donors can meet and talk with girls who are a part of the program.

All donations will go to support scholarship spots for girls who would otherwise not be able to participate in the program. Local friends, click here for the evite. Come and hang out with us on Dec 1st!

Super excited….can you tell???


week in review

When I was in college, week in review was the meal we had on Fridays. A nice way of saying “eat all the leftovers no one ate earlier this week.” Thankfully now, this term means a recap of all things Girls TALK for the week.

First, the book reading. Elephants Cannot Dance. I really wish I had some video footage of Samantha and I reading this book from today at Glenwood Elementary (half day of school for her). We were hilarious. I was elephant, she was piggie. I was convinced I could not dance despite her trying to teach me. So not being able to dance was the problem. The solution to the problem that allowed them to stay friends? 2 little squirrels who asked to be taught how to do the “elephant dance.” What a great message for the girl to hear about acceptance. And there is really no one way to dance, right?


The game this week was developed by Samantha. She calls it Spots. Think cut up Twister board circles, bean bags and a laundry basket. About as low tech as you can get but with a lot of smiles.




the TALK bracelet 2015

My Briar Chapel girls have a special place in my heart this year. Such a fun, insightful group.

Our veteran Girsl TALK participant, Eliza, came up with a variation of this year’s TALK bracelet reminder. She said we should make it “Just TALK” because that is what you need to do when there is a problem. YES, YES, YES! Another veteran participant (Ila) came up with the heart in between the 2 words so they did not run together. I hope the girls wear these bracelets and remember to Just TALK whenever there is a problem.