more on making mistakes

The book reading this week was The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. But guess what? She did, and she laughed. This made her willing to take more risks and try things where she knew she might make a mistake. What a great message for the girls to hear.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.26.10 PM

Next up, draw a comic strip about a time you made a mistake. This was easier for some than others. I did push a bit because that was the message…it might not be easy, but you can learn so much from it.

Then it was time to learn how to juggle. Super proud of the girls and their persistence to learn. Their faces when they mastered a step in the process, priceless.

Civil Rights lesson

We had fun lessons this week despite the chilly temps. I tried to connect Rosa Parks to the MLK holiday with our book reading. With her bus sit in, she is considered by some as the start of the Civil Rights Movement. She was also at the Have a Dream speech and noted that she wished more women were present. What a great message for the girls to hear. Check out what one girl thought about this discussion.

Next up – an art activity with a great message. I gave each girl the following poem….
I have this pot of lip gloss.                                                           

I’ll put some on each day.

I do it to remind me

to choose the words I say.


I’ll try to speak with kindness

to everyone I meet.

I’ll try to spread some happiness

to those that I may greet.
And they had to decorate their own pot of lip gloss to keep as a reminder.


Finally, some relay racing….friends TALK style 🙂

making mistakes

What great lessons this week. We read the book Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg. The message? You can turn what you think is a mistake into something beautiful (or as Mina at Glenwood suggested…turn a mistake into something great). It was great to hear the girls’ thoughts on the book. One girl mentioned that the book focused on art mistakes, but that it could also apply to other aspects of your life…yes, yes, yes!

Next up, the girls practiced turning oops into something beautiful on their own. I loved what they came up with!

Then we said goodbye to Girls TALK officially by bowling away our old logo on bowling pins.

I have a new logo, officially… thanks a million to River’s parents! Initially I promised new t-shirts, but once I added it all up, it was going to cost over $300 to get t-shirts for girls in all 3 programs. After trademarking the new logo, plus attorney fees for the trademark advice, oh and I have already spent the budgeted money on water bottles. So…. I am getting each girl a friends TALK sticker for the car, notebook, etc. But that is the best I can do at this point in the year. Once my book is on the New York Times best seller list, or I win the next Power Ball, I am happy to get the girls some additional accessories 🙂

But for now, here are 2 links to places you can get friends TALK fun stuff…t-shirts, hats, bags, etc.

Check out pics from this fun week!



This is what I call girls who sign up for the program and continue participating. These are the girls that beg to be a part of the program each year.  I would say there are 7 Lifers right now.  I know there will be more, but what makes my heart happy is how different all of these girls are.  If someone would have asked me what type of girl would be a Lifer, I would have guessed there would be a type of girl. But this is not what has happened over the years. I am glad the program appeals to all types of girls, and I hope with all of my heart that the message they hear each week makes them a stronger girl. One who stands up for herself, believes in herself, and is always true to who she is.


first draft

Check out my first draft of the new logo. I LOVE it!

Friends TALK logo rough draft 1

I have gotten feedback from girls that they all are not fans of the hot pink. I think it is just overdone with girls these days. So I am asking for a version in violet. I also asked to take out the words Briar Chapel, Glenwood and Willow Oak. These words represent where I am programming currently. I might not always be at these locations, as a wise friend reminded me. I was feeling nostalgic when I made that word list, but these words need to to last over time. And the words need to make sense to all, not just people affiliated with the program. Thank goodness for good friends and talented parents of girls in my program.

Feeling grateful.


Being a good friend

The girls have been taking the news well about the name change…  some even had some additional suggestions that were good. Just TALK was tossed around as another possible replacement name, but sadly it is already taken. Trying to come up with a new name that includes TALK has not been easy.

We are reading the book Crazy Hair Day. In the book, Stanley comes to school thinking it is crazy hair day but it is actually school picture day. His friend encourages him to be a part of the class picture, and he is surprised when all the classmate make their hair crazy for the picture….that is what good friends do.

We did a name art activity to show that we are all connected as friends but possibly in different ways. We then played a variation of musical chairs, complete with music from Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc. Fun times.

Check out pics from this week.

New Year, new name

There are some changes happening with Girls TALK for this coming year. I had an attorney review the publishing contracts that I have been given and learned some bad news. There is an organization in Charlotte, NC called “Girl Talk” doing almost exactly the same thing that I am doing. In coming up with the name, I did search the free trademark name database, but apparently there is also a paid database that is more comprehensive. So, as I enter the publishing world, I have to have a name with a clean trademark. All of this means that Girls TALK will be changing to Friends TALK. I will miss the Girls TALK name and logo, but when you grow professionally, sometimes change is needed.

I am breaking the news to the girls this week when we get back into our lessons, with the promise of Friends TALK t-shirts once the new logo is ready. And, a parent of one of my Glenwood girls is a graphic artist and offered to donate her time to make a new logo for us…. for free folks…wow. Oh, and she likes my initial idea!

This is actually a good teachable moment….we are starting the year by being flexible!