the summer project

Next week will be my last week at Briar Chapel and Glenwood Elementary. This, along with the fact that Samantha has been super bummed she has not been able to participate this month since I am not at Willow Oak, has gotten me thinking about what to do in the summer months with Friends TALK.  This has been such a big connection for us.

Then today, the idea came to me (things like this happen at the strangest times for me). What if we hosted a Friends TALK summer podcast? Mother and daughter having weekly talks about issues facing tween girls. Sounds super awesome, right? Would you listen? Even if no one listens, I think Samantha and I would have fun chatting and making jokes (we would at least laugh at ourselves…because we think we are funny).

I am a HUGE fan of podcasts, so I am hoping I can figure it all out. I have already reached out to my pals from Dads on Doody for tips, but this feels like a good direction for the summer. A way to keep Friends TALK going in the summer months and connect with my daughter. A win/win in my book.

So, the internet research begins. We would definitely do a better job than this little lady, right?



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