Podcast Episode 3: Changes in your body during the tween years

Thanks to everyone who has listened to our first episodes. We are now live on ITunes, Stitcher, and Tune in Radio. And, of course you can always listen to us right here on the blog!

This week we are going to talk about changes in your body during the tween years.

Parents, this might be an episode that you want to listen to without your daughter and use as a springboard to talk about various issues as they come up at your house. Or maybe listen alone, and then with your daughter and see what kinds of questions she has.

Now, I recorded without my cohost Samantha this week for a few reasons. One, she is a 9 day fun filled getaway with grandparents. Plus, lets face it. This is a sensitive topic. Samantha feels comfortable talking with me about these issues, but it felt wrong to ask her to talk to everyone else about it too.

So, this week you are stuck with just me. I know, not as much as the mom and daughter team but I hope this episode will provide you with some helpful information related to the changes that are happening with your daughter’s body.

Buckle up, the tween years come even if you are not ready.





Podcast Episode 2: What to do with your worries

Samantha got a lot of great feedback for her work on Episode one. It seems my girl is a natural when it comes to podcasting.

Be sure to listen and share with friends who might also be interested. Navigating the tween years can be tricky with our girls, but we can do it!

This week’s episode is about what to do with your worries. We talk about deep breathing and other strategies to help with worries. We also talk about those dreaded EOGs and how to deal with worries around those types of tests.

Samantha mentions the Talking Pocket Friend in the episode, so I have included a picture here. We also talk about one of Samantha’s favorite books about worries – Wilma Jean The Worry Machine, so here is a picture of me from this year’s program acting as Wilma Jean. Getting into character for the book readings is super fun!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to share. We are also on Stitcher and Tune in Radio if you like those podcast platforms (still working on getting our show on iTunes).



new logo

Check out our new logo. I am not sure I could love High Street Design any more than I do.

I wanted to add a tag line so potential podcast listeners would know a bit more about our podcast by just seeing the logo. I have successfully gotten our podcast on Stitcher and Tune in Radio. Still working on iTunes.

I have been checking our download stats, and it looks as if we are getting as many as 20 downloads a day for the past week with episode one. A pleasant surprise for our initial podcast. We need friends to share, share, share to build our audience.

The technical part of this new endeavor has included an steep learning curve. Thankfully I am persistent and will keep at it until I figure things out.

Working on notes for episode two right now. What to do with your worries. A great topic for tween girls!


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