Podcast Episode 19: tweens and the messy bedroom

Does this look familiar? Full disclaimer: this is not my tween’s bedroom, just an image from Google.


How do we get our tweens to keep their rooms up to our standards? Or is it that our standards do not match?

Listen for some tips on how to teach responsibility, realistic expectations and task oriented consequences. Spoiler alert – stop cleaning their room for them!


Podcast Episode 18: burns and roasting in middle school


This week Samantha and I tackle an issue that has come up at her middle school – burns and roasting…. is it ok? Samantha helps define these terms for us, and we have a thoughtful discussion about why these behaviors are being banned at their school.

We also talk about relational aggression and offer tips to parents for how to help your tween girl navigate friendships and pick pick friendships that allow your tween to stay true to who she is and feel good about the choice she makes.

Listen, enjoy, and most importantly….share with your friends.